C13-55-3013 - (043-255-108-D 043255108D) - HEATER BOX - RIGHT - CERAMIC COATED - BEETLE 63-74 / GHIA 63-74 / BUS 63-71 / THING 73-74 - SOLD EACH


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First we start with our Heavy-Weight Denmark made heater boxes and then we have them Ceramic Coated for a beautiful long last silver finish.

We also offer other brands of heater boxes to meet every look and budget, click here,
To view all versions of our stock heater T1 64-79 boxes.

Heater box control arms are sold separately,
click here to see part numbers - left arm VWC-043-298-147-A , or right arm VWC-043-298-148-A

Benefits of Ceramic coating:
1- Heat Reduction - More heat is retained in the exhaust flow and discharged instead of radiating to cylinder heads and body panels. Related heat problems are reduced and engine compartment is much cooler.
2- Power gains - Performance gains up to 3% reported from cooler engine compartments and denser fuel mixtures. Better exhaust scavenging from improved flow.
3- Corrosion resistance - Ceramic Coatings lasts 14 times longer than chrome and 140 times longer than high temperature paint. When it comes to preventing rust while reducing heat- it has no equal.
4- Increased endurance limit of parts subjected to high heat and high stress (vibration). Microscopic cracking and premature failure is reduced.
5- Good looks - The coating just looks killer! Our rusty exhaust header came back with a briliant finish looking almost like chorme but with the properties of a ceramic coating. For the stock heater box - see part number VWC-043-255-107-D.Heater box control arms are sold separately, see part numbers - left arm VWC-043-298-147-A , or right arm VWC-043-298-148-A
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