ACC-C10-5096 - LIGHTENED 12V 200MM CAST IRON FLYWHEEL - WITH 8 DOWEL PIN HOLES - REF.#'s - 311105271 - 311105273A - 98-1275-B - SOLD EACH


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New lightened cast iron flywheel, approximately 13.5 LB's. This flywheel is a great choice for the Performance engine builder on a budget. Will work perfectly on mild performance engines from 1600cc to 2000cc. We would not recommend this flywheel on larger engines or engines which will be used under extreme high performance applications. For these types of Hi-demand uses, we recommend you use one of our Chromoly steel flywheels, Click here to view your options ACC-C10-5099

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT DOWEL PIN HOLES: These flywheels come pre-drill from the factory with the standard S.P.G. 8 dowel pin hole off-set pattern - we have had some customers call with concerns that the new flywheel does not slip onto their crankshaft dowel pins easily. Please note that it may be necessary to test fit YOUR crank to this flywheel before final assembly. A small amount of interference (or press fit) will be expected and you will need to determine if any slight reaming of the dowel pin hole will be required. If any reaming is required - this is a very easy procedure which should only take a few minutes with the correct tools. Please be patient and remember that every 8 dowelled crankshaft in the market today has been drilled by someone other then Volkswagen. Since any one of 1000's of different shops or individuals may have drilled the dowel pins in your crankshaft- it is impossible to guarantee that ANY flywheel will slip onto the pins without some small amount of fitting.

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