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We offer the most complete kit available in standard finish or Chrome Plated, with your choice of alternators.
Our chrome 12 volt high out put Alternator Conversion kit comes complete with everything you will need to convert your engines charging system on any Beetle or Ghia 61-74, Bus 61-71 or Thing 73-74 with 12-1600cc engine.

Each kit includes the following standard items:
1 x ACC-C10-5415...Chrome Alternator pulley
1 x ACC-C10-5774....Chrome Alternator stand
1 x ACC-C10-5785...Chrome Alternator strap
1 x C13-9057 - 3 Piece Chrome Generator Backing Plate Kit
1 x C13-9197...10 Piece Pulley shim kit
1 x VWC-111-903-137-E...Alternator belt
1 x VWC-043-903-023-A......55amp reproduction Alternator (not Chrome)-Made in China
You can choose to upgrade the Alternator to any one of the following choices:
VWC-043-903-023-A75....75 amp High output Alternator - Made in China (upgrade option - additional cost)
VWC-043-903-023-A75CH....75 amp High output Chrome Alternator - Made in China (upgrade option - additional cost)
VWC-043-903-023-AC85....75 amp High output Chrome Alternator - Made in China (upgrade option - additional cost)
BOS-AL82N....Genuine New Bosch of Brazil 51amp Alternator - Limited supply -(upgrade option - additional cost)
Also available in standard finish non-Chrome Click here for the non-Chrome Kit
Special Note: It is very common to incorrectly install, tighten or adjust the Gen/Alt pulley which leads to the inner pulley half breaking apart after a few days of operation. This is due to there not being the proper number of shims installed and, or the belt being adjusted to tightly, pinching the belt and giving the person the false impression that the pulley halves are tight.
When adjusting your Gen/Alt pulley make sure you have the proper amount of shims installed in the complete assembly. We recommend using at least 10 shims in total, either between the halves or outside the outer half. Its a good idea to start with too many shims between the halves so when the two halves are tightened together and the belt is loose. Then one by one moving shims from between the pulley halves to the outer side and re-tighten the pulley each time to checking tension. Proper tension should be about a half inch of deflection half way between the two pulleys. Always store the leftover shims between the pulley outer half and the hat-shaped special washer, this is VERY important as these extra shims provide the correct spacing so the pulley halves will tighten correctly.
If you are not sure what we are talking about here, try this little test. Without the belt or any shims in place, tighten the pulley. What you will find, is that the nut can be tighten but the outer pulley half will still be loss. This is because the nut and spacer tighten down onto the center hub of the back pulley half, but because there are no shims either between the halves, or between the spacer and outer half, the outer pulley half remains loose. Once you install the shims, either between the halves or between the outer half and spacer in any combination, the pulley be tight every time, and the only difference will be the width of the gap between the two halves.

Please note: These chrome plated stands may not be compatible with all aftermarket fillers and caps.
CA Prop 65
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