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This special tool has been designed to measure the end play movement of the VW crankshaft without the use of a dial indicator. With the tool bolted to the end of the case- the feeler gauge measures the gap created by the end play. Measuring the end play is necessary whenever a VW engine is rebuilt to prevent the rear main bearing from seizing up. (For all air cooled engines)

Endplay Adjustment Tool Directions.
Make sure crank moves freely in the crankcase. The best way to do this is to grab the rotor on the distributor and turn it by hand, which will move the crank back and fourth without any flywheel deflection. If the crank will not move using this method there may be a problem.
Using 3 shims totaling approximately. .030” attach the flywheel without seals and tighten to correct torque (270 foot pounds). Check to see if there is endplay by trying to move the crank with the dist rotor or by rotating the flywheel. If no endplay is present remove flywheel and reduce the thickness of the shims while still using 3 until you can feel endplay with the flywheel tightened.
Once you have the flywheel in place with some amount of end play you can now attach the end play tool to the engine mounting hole above the #1 cylinder hole with the adjustable end over the flywheel ring gear. With the flywheel and crank pushed all the way back adjust the tool so it just touched the flywheel face then lock into place. Now just push the flywheel all the way forward and measure the gap between the set screw and flywheel with a feeler gauge. Repeat process till the desired .004-.006” is achieved.
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