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Its raining cats & dogs and your windshield wipers are trying their best to keep the windshield clear, just then a truck goes by and covers the car with dirt and grim and you reach for your windshield washer and hit the button? What happens next is only a guess, if the tire pressure is low ( or the tire is missing altogether) then NOTHING HAPPENS!! Never have this happen to you again. We now offer this universal mount washer bottle kit with 12 volt electric pump for Beetle / Ghia / Bus or Type-3. Installs almost anywhere so you will never be caught blind again.

This windshield washer kit operates on a 12 volt system and is for universal applications. When installing any electrical component- it's recommended that you disconnect the ground cable from your battery before you start. Start by finding a suitable location for mounting the washer reservoir. You can mount it with the bolts and wing nuts provided or use some self tapping screws & washers. You will need to mount an ON-OFF switch on or under your dash for activating the electric pump. Temporarily reconnect your battery and use a test light to find a power source at your fuse box. Attach a wire from the fuse box to the switch. It does not matter which terminal on the switch you use for connecting power to. Use the second terminal on the switch to run power to the "+" terminal on the pump. The remaining terminal on the pump will be for your ground wire. Now that everything is wired up- connect the clear plastic hose from the pump to your existing windshield washer nozzle. Make sure the hose fits very snug to prevent any leaks. You may have to purchase some additional hose which are readily available from most automotive stores. Fill the reservoir with washer fluid- reconnect your battery and you're ready for diving!


NOTE: Inline fuse must be installed to avoid any short circuits (not included) See part No. VWC-111-937-093-APR or C16-W-2901

(Bottle measurements: 6-1/2 inches tall from top of filler neck - 6 inches wide - 2 inches deep)


Installation Guide (PDF Opens in new window)

CA Prop 65
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