C24-111-941-583 - 111941583 - TOP QUALITY - BRAND MAY VARY - HEADLIGHT DIMMER RELAY 12 VOLT 5 PRONG - BEETLE 67-79 - GHIA 67-74 - BUS 68-79 - SOLD EACH


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This relay switches the low beam to high beam. To check- with the headlights on- jumper a wire from the S terminal and just touch it to a good ground. You should here the relay click and the headlights change beam. ( JUST TOUCH WIRE TO GROUND- DO NOT HOLD TO GROUND AS THIS WILL BURN OUT THE RELAY). If nothing happens the relay is toast. If it works than the high beam switch is shot. FITS: Beetle 67-79- Ghia 67-74- Bus 68-79- Type 3 66-73
CA Prop 65
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