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Designed to fit your stock Super Beetle struts assembly or our Adjustable lowering struts.
Our Tapered lowering sport springs are designed to replace your stock Super Beetle springs exactly- and provide performance enhancements. Firstly- they slightly lowering the front end ride height. The exact amount of lowering will sometimes vary due to the condition of your old springs. You should normally see 1/2 to 1 inch of lowering. In some cases with very old and worn out original springs- no lowering at all will be noticed.
We have designed the shape of the spring for increased tire clearance. The diameter of the spring in the middle has been reduced by approx. 3/4 of an inch- this allows for least 3/8 inch more tire clearance. Handling is also improved due to the stiffer spring rate. We recommend using a new set of non-gas shocks for the most predictable results. If gas shocks are used- the lowering effect is usually offset by the slight lifting effect of the gas pressure in the shock.
These springs can be used with either stock strut assemblies or our Adjustable lowering strut kits. The springs will give predictable lowering results and good ride even at the lowest ride settings. Again- if gas shocks are used- you should set the ride height setting of the strut about 1/2 inch lower than the normal instructions call for. This will vary with the brand and manufacturer of the shock.

SPECIAL NOTE: With these springs, we recommend that you cut the stock rubber stops in half. This will give you approximately two inches of additional travel to solving any bottoming out problems. After cutting the rubber stops, you will not be able to attack the dust cover, but this is normal and will not create any problem. Just so your know, cutting of the rubber stop is very common, and is also necessary when using any of the Adjustable lowering strut kits. Upper Strut Bushing Complete Upper Bearing Mount Complete Upper Bearing Mount Strut Dust Cover Strut Dust Cover Strut Rubber Stop Strut Rubber Stop Custom Front Springs Custom Front Springs Lowered Front Strut Assemblies Lowered Front Strut Assemblies HD Sway-Bars Sway Bar Bushing Kit Sway Bar Bushing Kit Camber Bolt Kit Camber Bolt Kit Camber Bolt Kit Control Arm ? Sway Bar Bushing Kit Inner Control Arm Bushing Steering Rack Boot Steering Shaft Boots Steering Shaft Boots Center Tie-Rod Steering Box Replacement Ball-Joint U-Joint Steering Shaft Idler Arm Bushing Steering Dampner Bushing Steering Dampner Bushing Complete Tie-rod Assemblies Inner Tie-Rod - LHT Outer Tie-Rod - RHT Steering Damper Front Brake Drum Front Wheel Bearing Seal Outer Wheel Bearing Inner Wheel Bearing Wheel Bearing Clamp Nut Outer Thrust Washer Dust Cap Stock Replacement Strut Inserts
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