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The CSP Upright Conversion kit is definitely one of the best alternatives to convert a Type-4 engine to an upright fan, since many of the existing parts can be reused.

As a result of the design, a good cooling air distribution is guaranteed. Original 32 kW/44 hp or 37 kW/50 hp fan housings can be used. However, we recommend our 36 hp-style fan housing, which can also accept the large fan, in order to create more space for the carburetors.

The use of the original fan has also the advantage that it is very quiet. Minor drilling is necessary on the engine case (CU engine cases require machining and additional spacer 198 230 400CU).

The alternator stand, which is suitable for mounting either alternators or generators, is screwed onto the engine case with the accompanying retaining block. The black gelcoated cylinder covers are made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic, and the locations of the spark plug holes are indicated, so that they can be drilled accordingly to the cylinder heads that are being used. There may be adjustment work necessary like on all fibreglass parts. The factory oil cooler has to be removed and needs to be replaced by a front-mounted oil cooler.

Also consider using our Type-4 engine bolt-on flywheel with 200mm clutch surface so you can also use any of the popular Beetle style 200mm hi-performance clutch assemblies making your conversion as easy as possible. see part number ACC-C20-5100 or ACC-C20-5101.

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