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This is the newest version of a classic VW performance 009 mechanical advance distributor. Re-tooled and 100% brand new. Made to the finest OE German quality standards, this replacement "009" mechanical advance distributor is much better quality then the Brazilian made Bosch 009 distributor which is now in very short supply. Save money and get the best 009 distributor on the market. This style of distributor has been used for over 30 years in all sorts of stock and Hi-performance applications. This is the easiest distributor solution for any aftermarket carburetor set up, as it does not reply on vacuum for its operation. This distributor has 22 degrees advance built in and reaches complete advance by 2600 RPM, perfect for most 16-2300cc Beetle style engines.The O-ring for distributor shaft is not included and your old one is probably shot- so order a new one part # VWC-111-905-261.

There are a variety of electronic ignition modules available to fit the 009 distributor,
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ACC-C10-5844 - Accufire
C22-21100 - Compu-fire
PER-1847-A - Pertronix

Replacement tune-up parts,
Points: BOS-1-237-013-044
Rotor: BOS-1-234-332-215
Condenser BOS-1-237-330-342
Cap: BOS-1-235-522-056

We offer a wide variety of Bosch style 009 distributors along with the new billet aluminum High Performance custom distributors. We still have a few Genuine Bosch 009 Distributors left in stock as well as reproduction 009’s imported from China or made by EMPI. We also offer the Pertronix “Made in the USA” distributor which comes complete with a Pertronix Flame-Thrower ignition module installed.
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For insurance against over-revving your Hi-performance VW engine, you need one of our rev-limiting rotors. Available in two RPM's, they cut out and stop your engine from over-revving - protecting you from extreme engine damage. See part numbers ACC-C10-5830 or BOS-1-234-332-144.

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