VWC-111-798-700-A - 111798700A - EXCELLENT QUALITY - LOCKING SHIFTER BASE - FITS BEETLE 68-79 - GHIA 68-74 - TYPE-3 68-73 - SOLD EACH


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This shifter lock only working with stock style VW shifters, It will not work with any aftermarket or custom shifter. DOES NOT FIT AUTOMATIC TRANS. SHIFTERS!

Installation Instructions for VWC-111-798-700

Locking Shifter Base

1. To begin, remove shift knob, shifter boot and carpet and/or rubber mat surrounding your vehicle’s shifter and shift your vehicle into neutral.

2. Remove gold-colored screw from rear-most end of shift lock housing and place it somewhere safe.

3. Insert supplied key into lock cylinder and turn 90-degrees. Once key is turned, Shift Lock Housing Cap should slide forward and disengage from Shifter Lock Housing. (To ensure that no parts are lost, disengage the Shifter Housing Cap slowly with the base held upright.)

4. Note orientation of moving parts in Shifter Lock Housing (CLICK THE MORE PHOTOS LINK ABOVE FOR DETAILED IMAGE ) as a guide for re-assembly. It may also be helpful to sketch the orientation to ensure correct re-assembly.

5. Carefully remove twin lock plates (A), ensuring not to lose the spring that joins them, and set aside on a clean, level work surface.

6. Remove front lock linkage plates and the rectangular gold base plate (B) and set aside on the same clean, level work surface as in Step 5.

7. Return to your vehicle’s shifter with the bare Shifter Lock Housing and 13mm socket in-hand. Remove the stock shifter base plate using a 13mm socket and slide it off while maintaining downward pressure on the shifter.

8. Adjust shifter as indicated in your vehicle’s service manual, ensuring all forward and reverse gears engage correctly, then tighten the mounting bolts to 18 ft-lbs.

9. Carefully re-install rectangular gold base plate (B) and lock linkage plates you removed in Step 6 as noted in Figure 1 and/or your sketch.

10. Re-install twin lock plates (A) in original orientation by sliding them down shifter and engaging them on the pivot to the left side of the Shift Lock Housing.

11. After double-checking that the lock linkage plates and twin lock plates are oriented as in Figure 1 and the key turned 90-degrees to the direction of the car, slide the Shift Lock Housing Cap over the shift lever and re-engage it by sliding it towards the back of the car on the Shift Lock Housing with the lock barrel towards the front of the car.

12. Re-install gold screw on the rear of the Shift Lock Housing to engage the cap, re install the shift boot and knob, set the shifter to neutral.

13. Turn the key full counter-clockwise to lock the shifter, full clockwise to un-lock.

* Once installed, lock can only be dis-assembled with key at 90-degrees in tumbler with shifter set to Neutral or Reverse for added security.

CA Prop 65
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