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Special Notes: Fender bolt holes may require ADJUSTING to line up with the threaded holes on the body.
This can easily be done with a Dremal tool. Please do not purchase these fenders if you are not willing to make these adjustments.

At C.I.P. you can trust us to sell only the best replacement metal fenders available for your Beetle. We can ship by UPS directly to your door. These new metal fenders are easily installed and make quick work of restoring your Beetle. Although we always try to offer the finest quality parts available - please realize that original quality German made fenders are not available. The best fenders made today come from Brazil, Mexico or Italy and are significantly thinner then the original German made fenders. Because new replacement fenders may have a slightly different shape, please purchase in pairs to guarantee that you get a matched pair of fronts or rears. We take extra care when packing your fenders and only ship perfectly usable fenders. We cannot control the way the shipping companies handle your package - in some cases you may find a few small scratches or a small dent. This must be expected and will not be reason for return or credit. If you receive any package from C.I.P. shipped by any courier company and there appears to be damage -YOU MUST HAVE THE DELIVERY MAN SIGN FOR THE DAMAGE SO A DAMAGE CLAIM CAN BE STARTED WITH THE SHIPPING COMPANY!!! 71-73 front Quarter Panels Rear Deck Lid Head Light Buckets C-Channel Rail Front Fenders Rear Fenders Rear Crossmembers Rear Apron Rear Inner Wheelhouse Rear Inner Wheelhouse Rear WheelHouse Panel Rear Bumper Support Complete Heater Channels Heater Channel Bottom PLate Inner/Outer Rocker Panels Lower Door Skin Inner Door Bottom Panel Front Door Hinge Pillar Inner Wheelhouse Section Shock Tower Section Front Bumper Support Front Frame Head Panel Front Firewall Panel Front Apron Panel Complete Frame Head Assembly Frame Head Bottom Plate Spare Tire Well rear floor Pan Sections Complete Floor Pan Section Jack Support Section Apare Tire Repair Section Spacer / Washer Plate 8mm Floor Pan Bolt Fender & Pan Bolt Kits Gas Door Filler & Flap Panel Weld-in Fender Nut Insert Customer Running Boards Stock Running Boards front & Rear Bumpers
CA Prop 65
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