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These BBT bumpers are pressed in a highly specialised steel bumper factory in Brazil according to factory exact specifications. Then the bumpers are shipped to BBT European HQ where they are sent to a highly ranked European Chrome factory. This factory is very concerned about environment and the water they drain is of a higher quality than bottled drinking water! This is very important for us! We try to save the planet whenever we can. The chroming process is executed according to the latest technologies for steel chrome. Chrome specs; Copper 20 µ ± 5 µ Nickel 20 µ ± 5 µ Chrome plating 0,3 µ ± 0,1 µ . From every 100 bumpers, two are selected out of random order and put into a salt spray test of no less as 240 hours! Yes that’s two-hundred-and–forty hours indeed! This is the international standard for assembly line specifications from the large car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW or Harley Davidson. If it’s good enough for the big guys, it will satisfy our Volkswagen needs as well. After the salt spray test they brake these test bumpers in a torsion machine, just to control the chrome adhesion to the metal. We care a lot about our quality control as we do know, it’s the only way to guarantee a good quality product. BEWARE of cheaper reproductions! All BBT chrome bumpers do come to you with a small BBT quality sign sticker at the inside, this is YOUR security to know you have received the real BBT product!

For more information about all of our bumper options, please scroll to the bottom of our bumper diagram.

Front & Rear Impact Strip Front & Rear Impact strip Chrome Bumper Bolt Chrome Bumper Bolt Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Bumper Bolt Kit Chrome Bumper Bolt Chrome Bumper Bolt Kit Chrome Front Bumper Chrome Rear Bumper Rear Bumper Brackets Rear Bumper Brackets Front Bumper Brackets Front Bumper Brackets Bumper Bracket Fender Grommets Bumper Bracket Fender Grommets Bumper with Lights Bumper Guard Rubber Strips Custom Front Bumpers Eraly Bumper Conversion Chrome Bumper Guards Tee & Nerf Bar Kits
Be very careful when ordering chrome bumpers for your Beetle. Don't waste your money, check out what you are getting before you buy. Please read maintenance notes below.

We now offer 4 versions of quality for this 68-73 Beetle front bumper.

Here are the quick links to the view and see more information about our various bumper options.






*Special Note about Chrome Bumpers*
Rust only appears if chrome bumpers are neglected. Please follow these Bumper maintenance instructions to keep your chrome bumpers from rusting.

You MUST coat these Bumpers with a light coating of wax (ex. Mothers or Meguiar's car wax in order to keep any moisture from rusting the chrome. If you live in a northern or coastal area with salt air or harsh winter conditions, you will need to wax more often. We recommend waxing your chrome bumpers and wheels every time you wash the vehicle.


CA Prop 65
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